[Comic] Not quite a comic, but still…

This sir was a draft of a Pathfinder character

This sir was a draft of a Pathfinder character

I realised after drawing him that, with where the belt is placed and the vest, it looks like he has remarkably short legs, so I need to fix this on the final version. This one is a mischevious bard that specialises in dirty lyrics and bawdy rhymes. For the sake of keeping my blog active, though, I thought I’d share.


The Party Crasher

This weekend was undeniably a big one.

I had actually intended on starting my weekly video blog update this past Friday, but commission work kept me busy during the day and then a pain flare up kept me busy at night.


I started the weekend very early by my standards. I was up at eight with a brush in hand for some awesome costume make-up for a friend that was cosplaying at an event (I do face painting and body art as a bit of a hobby), then moved onto our monthly Rogue Trader game. I play a sadistic, egotistical princeling (think Russian mafia) with a sharp temper. In our first session, I shot one of our player characters for being an unsanctioned psyker. This session, I threatened to shoot my pilot for scratching the hull of my grand ship. My new ruling is that for every one million thrones of damage they do, my character takes a pound of flesh from them. It’s fair 😛

I always look forward to our gaming sessions. It’s a little slice of escapism for me. For one day a month, I get to become someone completely different in a universe entirely unlike our own, where my fate is decided by wit, charm and the roll of a dice. It’s also pretty much the only social event I attend regularly these days – mostly because it’s in my own house. I get to see half a dozen friends of mine and we all spend several hours together while cracking really god-awful jokes, taking jibes at each other’s parents and playing a volatile game of ‘Guess Who’ when it comes to strange and offensive smells in the room.

That night, manthing and myself went to a nifty party along with another couple. Naturally, it was along the fetish side of things, but was very tame and generally very fun. I love an excuse to get dressed up and this particular event allowed me to rock a floor-length velvet dress, a filigree metal masquerade mask and a very pretty leather collar I made myself. I always find myself dressed very formally (along with manthing who looks utterly delicious in a frock coat with his hair out – think the vampire Lestat, but less waifish)  whereas most of the other attendees are clad in PVC, leather or not much at all. I am a very big fan of the amount of corsets I saw on the night, along with the  Jack the Ripper burlesque act. I hit the stage of lethargy around 11pm and cracked a can of my vice – purple Mother energy drink – which propped me up for another few hours. We ended up getting home about 3am, thoroughly pleased and exhausted and eventually tumbled into bed and slept.

The rest of the weekend was spent looking at a new car which I will hear about later this week. I tried to go over and help out at a working bee, but I just entirely ran out of spoons and crashed out the moment I walked through the door.

ImageOne of the things that got me thinking last night was that my nerve issues mean that I’m pretty different to most people and it’s a lot more pronounced in the kink scene, especially when a lot of ‘play’ involves setting nerves off with various sensations. I have severely hypersensitive nerves and will explain further in my next blog post. Right now, I’m completely exhausted so I’ll put down my thoughts tomorrow when I’m running on more than three brain cells.

Hope you all had fantastic weekends!