[Comic] A brief interlude

Things are still mighty quiet on my end, mostly due to work/health and the upcoming seasonal silliness. It’s kind of crazy. The last three weeks have been spent not dying (not quite literally) thanks to a nasty chest infection that won’t budge. So imagine my surprise with it all when I woke up this morning and felt even worse…


Yeah, this is a gross one. Deal with it ❤

Keep being awesome,




So, I managed to swing out of the major exhaustion patch I had (nothing like needing to sleep for +6 hours on top of your normal routine) and into another pain flare. This time it’s not a friendly one.

With most other flares I can manage reasonably well and it doesn’t impact my life too badly. However, the last three days have been miserable. I’ve had shooting pain through my hips, back and knees, constant hip pain, migrating leg pain and pain all the way through my lower back. I haven’t been able to sleep, painkillers have barely touched it and, unlike normal flares, moving makes the pain SO much worse. Usually I get a little bit of an increase in pain, but this time it feels like I have sand grinding between my joints.

As if all of that wasn’t crappy enough, my doctor ordered me off my usual contraceptives (used to control the angry vagina, rather than contraception) and said I needed to let my uterus do that angry thing. So, I’ve been hormonal as shit, randy as a 90-year-old discovering Viagra and feeling awfully bloated. I honestly feel like I may birth a balloon. Unfortunately, commies in the fun house also means triggering of ANY sore spot I already have on my body and making it worse. So I’ve gone from having an ordinary pain flare to an “oh dear god why” pain flare with the added annoyance of wanting to jump poor manthing at 3am on a worknight and this is without anything actually happening downstairs. Once I get past the first day or two of the ‘main event’ then we’ll be fine. But, god damn it, there’s a reason I deliberately avoid having my period! Both my body and I hate it! Fortunately I no longer black out with the pain, but due to several other issues (POS, Endo, etc) it’s like having your own personal nuclear melt down.

I think I just need to build a pillow fort and hide in there for a week or three. Can someone send me chocolate?