[Picture] Well, that’s a mouthful.


So at what point do you need stop taking your pills with food and start taking food with your pills?

Tonight’s lot. I just had to take a picture.

In no particular order for the curious:
– Echinacea,  Garlic, Zinc and Vit C. My secret weapon against colds and flu.
– Two fish oil capsules.
– Standard multivitamin
– Magnesium Glycinate. Specific for Fibro pain.
– Probiotic for IBS control
– Panadiene forte to stop me killing a bitch
– Celebrex for inflammation
– Endep for anxiety and Fibro
– Totally-not-Viagra Pristiq as a trial for Fibro pain.


[Journal] The adventure continues

So, over the last two days, I’ve had the two specialist appointments that I had been waiting months for. I won’t go into too many details, but things didn’t go quite as planned. I won’t say that it was necessarily a bad result overall, but it certainly wasn’t what I had expected.

The first specialist was the one I was seeing about the possibility of Ketamine infusions. Within the first five minutes, that was off the cards. It turns out that this particular treatment isn’t available via public health care here. The rest of the appointment followed along the lines of what we could do about changing medications to help with my pain, explaining a few things about fibro and CFS and, of course, confirming that I had both of those and adding a new diagnosis of IBS to the list.

Day two resulted in a script for Lyrica, a plan to be weaned off my dose of Duloxetine and generally a change over of things.

Today was a regular GP appointment to follow up on the specialists and also get some results. It turns out that, despite the constant swelling and bruising and whatnot, my toe isn’t broken. That’s pretty interesting. My bloods show that I am allergic to ALL THE THINGS!, specifically grass, fur of all my favourite animals and any kind of mites and dust. That basically sums up everything I am around, ever. So there’s that. Also got my script for Lyrica filled out and, thanks to the bell-ends running this country, my script isn’t classed as ‘necessary’ under our healthcare and I can’t get a generic form of it. So, I’m looking at $70 a month on top of the $108 a month I need for my private helathcare (that I had to sign up for last night) that I can’t use for another week. Oh, and because of my pre-existing illnesses, none of this will be covered for 12 months, anyway. So I have to give these guys almost a grand and a half before I throw more money at them for my healthcare. I’m not terribly impressed by the entire ordeal, but what can you do? I mean, my options are stick with what I have, be miserably sick and make no process, or beggar myself and have a chance at living some kind of normal and relatively pain-stable life. Of course, we won’t know this until I’ve been on the Lyrica for a while and we’ve tweaked it with other meds, but that’s the gamble you have to make with these things.

So, tonight I take Lyrica for the first time. I’m sore thanks to a weather change, exhausted from all the poking and prodding and walking and generally feeling like crap from it all. I’m going to give myself a few days to settle into the rhythm of things here, so if you don’t see a journal, it’s okay. I am still alive, somewhere. Possibly holed up in my bed and feeling like hot sweaty arse. On the plus side, this should actually allow me to get some sleep for the first few days while my body decides to behave itself, so we’ll see how it all goes.

Ups and downs

Good news everybody!

Yesterday, despite all the runabout and fuss, I finally got my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and CFS. After 10 years of chasing the reason I’m in crippling pain day in and out, I finally have clinical proof that it’s not in my head. I was in a stupid amount of pain, but I was just about ready to click my heels and dance down the hallways of the hospital on my way out from the specialist appointment. It’s amazing how something so minute in the scheme of things can mean so much and change everything.

When I was a sproglet, I was told everything from “it’s in your head” to “it’s just growing pains”. I was told it would vanish by the time I was 18, not get worse to the point where my pet name amongst friends is ‘cripple’. So, it’s a massive weight off my chest to know several things at this point:

1. My pain is valid. Hell, I am valid in feeling the way I do. I like that word. Valid.
2. The source of pain is what I suspected all these years. Fortunately it’s just going to hurt like fucking hell and won’t kill me. That’s the biggest thing that had me worried.

3. Now that I know what my enemy is, half the battle is done. I can go about pain management and getting my life back on track.

4. Now that I have a diagnosis, I can do things that have been put off for years – applying for disability pension to keep a roof over my head and getting a parking permit for the really bad days.


I will totally be having a diagnosis party when I can get some free time 🙂 I think it’s the ultimate way to celebrate the closing of that chapter of my life. No more chasing doctors for referrals! No more having to explain my life story to random gits and get poked and prodded and judged! No more cold hospital smell!

Shire horses on Juist

Shire horses on Juist (Photo credit: gerriet)

After all the stress of the appointment, manthing took me to see the Shire stud owned by a family friends. It really is amazing how pain melts away when you’re around animals you love. We spent hours there and talked and talked and talked about all sorts of things and then it was feeding time for the gentle giants. I still can’t get over just how HUGE these horses are (and I own an Irish Wolfhound. I know big!) and just how amazingly gentle they are with people. Cheeky, sooky, lovely things! We watched them play musical chairs with the feed buckets and I got to see just how big a 9-month-old foal is. My god, she’s bigger than my car! I only wish I had taken some photos, but there’ll be another time.

I spent so long running around with the horses that I completely forgot how damn sore I was until we got home. At which point I sooked a little myself, had a hot shower and my usual painkillers and moped in front of the PC for a while. I couldn’t even finish my dinner at that point, so I eventually climbed into bed and snuggled the snot out of manthing while I played Pokemon. At 5am, my body decided to give me the “Oh god why” wake up call that involved hobbling my way to another hot shower, stuffing down more painkillers and curling up in a little ball next to manthing and leeching all the warmth I could off him.

Thus far, today hasn’t been much better. I didn’t sleep well, so I’m all over the place, but I got up and pottered about for a while before I was told to go back to bed before I had another major pain flare. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough and I had just fallen asleep when my hips started screaming worse than before, so I’m sitting here right now with painkillers swimming about my eyeballs, pleading with my body to let them work quick enough and generally trying to distract myself until they kick in. On the upside, it’s a bloody beautiful day here today, warm enough for me to not hurt from the temperature for a change (just from everything else instead!) and later on tonight I get to see a bunch of friends for a gaming session, so that should be heaps of fun 🙂 It’s all about the little things!

Thanks for reading! You know, before I started blogging about my adventures, I would never have believed so strongly in the support of strangers, yet now I find myself smiling with the few comments I get and really trying to keep my word when I say I’m going to update because I know someone out there is going to read it 🙂