[comic] Fighting off the blues with cats

So, I won’t lie. Due to events that have transpired (look at me being all fancy) that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet, my depression has come back with a horrid vengeance and great almighty teeth. I’ve been doing my best to counter the physical fallout – increased pain, lethargy, flu-like symptoms – by keeping myself busy and doing requests on one of the sites I frequent. And since I have nothing more productive I can do with my time right now, due to my body being a fetid arsemonger, I might as well post them here.

This is a very displeased cat – a portrait of someone’s moggy in the style of the Adventure Time cartoons.



[Comic] Another cat

Oh god they’ve changed the editor again. Why again? I’ve only just gotten over my separation anxiety over the last change. But seriously. I have to learn this all over again :/

So, I’ve been doing some work on my end. The flare seems to have broken, I found out I likely have arthritis in my knees at 26 and I’ve been drawing more shit.


MeowthaIt seems to be keeping me sane thus far. Or at least some variant thereof.

Manthing keeps yelling at me to blog more, but a lot of the stuff that’s been going through my head has all been pretty morose and upsetting and that wasn’t what I wanted this blog to be about. So I’m presently chewing my lip over what I want to and don’t want to share. And drawing more nonsense.

[Comic, kind of] CATFACE

As much woe and misery as there was in my last post, I’m still in the middle of a really bloody awful pain flare that’s kept me either chair or bed bound, but I’m emotionally feeling much better. My knees are footballs and I feel like I’ve been sodomised by a pachyderm, but my hands are mostly functional. I’m still mostly keeping to myself because I may actually maul someone. I’ve had some work to focus on and have been enjoying some reference/anatomy work on cats, because who doesn’t love something that’s half fur and half liquid in the least disgusting sense?

Since I haven’t posted a comic on a while, I figured I would share what I HAVE been working on.

Don't you dare judge me.

Don’t you dare judge me.

My cats are amazing. Especially because some of them actually look like cats. This is a big achievement for me. I couldn’t help myself with the captions. It kind of just happened.

For all my comicy friends out there (I’m looking at you Tony :3), I actually found a brilliant reference engine. It’s quite easy to find a reference engine for humans, nudes and inanimate objects/still life, but this is the first one I found that actually covers a detailed and broad range of animals and other things for when you don’t want to draw a semi-naked barbarian woman, or other frivolous human things.. Seriously. This is the equivalent to a wet dream for me.

Have fun!