Hear Me Rattle on About Whatever

Sometimes it’s all about enjoying the simple things in life. Today I’d like to share something pretty damn wonderful,- a series of podcasts from one of my favourite comics on the web. Sometimes pain and exhaustion can be too much to read huge posts or to go and play a game, so tonight, just listen 🙂

Crumble Cult

Self promotion has a way of making me feel like a gormless clap monkey but it’s a necessary evil when one desires an audience for one’s creative efforts. So, here I am with my janky little cymbals again, trying to drum up some interest in my latest thing.

So, yeah, I’ve been producing a podcast series for a wee while now – not that you’d know it. It’s flown under the radar because the Crumble Cult strip has always hogged the spotlight. (What a bleedin’ diva!) I do think it’s time my silly little recordings got some attention though. So, why not mosey on over to the Crumbcast page and see (or rather, hear) what the fuss is about? Well, okay, there’s no fuss over said blah fests yet but wouldn’t it be rad if there was? Perhaps you could help to make that happen. (Nudge, nudge. Unsubtle hint. Ahem.)

Meanwhile, I’ll just stand over here and keep banging on about it. Like a monkey. (Sorry!)

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