[comic] Fighting off the blues with cats

So, I won’t lie. Due to events that have transpired (look at me being all fancy) that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet, my depression has come back with a horrid vengeance and great almighty teeth. I’ve been doing my best to counter the physical fallout – increased pain, lethargy, flu-like symptoms – by keeping myself busy and doing requests on one of the sites I frequent. And since I have nothing more productive I can do with my time right now, due to my body being a fetid arsemonger, I might as well post them here.

This is a very displeased cat – a portrait of someone’s moggy in the style of the Adventure Time cartoons.



8 thoughts on “[comic] Fighting off the blues with cats

      • I’ve only seen up to the end of season 5 so far, so you’re one up on me! As for favourite character/episode… that’s easy. It’s Flame Princess by a long stretch, and any episodes she appears in have been my favourites. I especially liked “Frost & Fire” from season 5. 🙂

      • Ah, you’re yet to see the strangest episode yet. You’ll know the bird one when you see it, trust me. I watch all sorts and that one still makes me go “WTF, guys?”

        Flame Princess is awesome! I really love the way they expanded on her so much.

      • Now I’m intrigued! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that. And, yes, Flame Princess could easily have been a one note character but they really fleshed her out which is something I really appreciate. Do you have a favourite episode/character?

      • My favourite has to be Lemongrab in a really twisted way. He’s almost like the character you love to hate, but in season 6 there’s some seriously trippy things he does where he borders that “nice guy” and “He’s too insane to be held accountable” fence. It’s really bizarre but it’s kind of like the same affection you’d have if you owned a batshit raptor that liked eating faces.

      • Lemongrab is certainly one of the most disturbing characters I’ve witnessed in anything. I love that they can slip that kind of character into what is ostensibly a children’s show. Brilliant!

      • You’ll enjoy season 6, then. I think it very much takes the turn from being a children’s show into something much, much darker and stranger. To the point where, if I had young sprogs, I don’t know if I would let them watch all the episodes.

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