[Journal] The Sleep Study

So this afternoon I find myself in hospital again. Thankfully this time it’s far more simple and involves less emergency wards than last time. I’ve been asked to come in for a sleep study tonight as a last – ditch effort from my specialist to try and help me before we’re out of options. It’s a very long shot, but if I do this then at least we can say we’ve tried everything.

I was asked to arrive at 4:30pm and Manthing was kind enough to drop me off. When I arrived I was shown to my room and told that I would be seen by a doctor and a scientist tonight at about 10pm. Somewhat disgruntled that I had to come in so early,  but the room is nice. Still a hospital bed, but I have carpet and a painted wall and two big windows overlooking the rooftops of the hospital I’m in.

Later on tonight I will be hooked up to all sorts of bits and pieces and probably experience something close to an alien abduction while being told I have to sleep. I’m dubious but who knows. What I DO know is that I can’t even pick my nose in peace because there’s a camera in the roof of my room.

This should be an interesting night.

EDIT 1: Dinner has arrived. I haven’t been brave enough to look at it yet. I’m going to stay in my room where I don’t have to share the TV with a grandmother who looks very aggressive about her news. A girl with the same name as me has shown up. First thing she does is ask if they have wifi. Preach, sister.

EDIT 2: I have discovered the toilet paper here is unforgivable and the soap refuses to wash off your hands with a reasonable amount of effort. The girl with the same name isn’t staying. Just dropping off her mother. I am sad.

Dinner looks reasonable.  Yet to be eaten. I have been provided with supplies to make a passable cup of tea. For now, I am happy. 


EDIT 3: These monsters haven’t left any sugar packets for my tea. I am displeased immensely. However, the dinner meal is actually decent. Surprisingly decent. Almost not hospital food decent. I am suspect but reasonably content.

EDIT 4: I found the sugar for my tea when the staff took away. It was hiding under the bread. I just lost a game of hide-and-seek to part of my meal. I also just noticed this.


EDIT 5: It’s now almost 7:30pm. My ache is coming back. I’m by far the youngest person in this sleep study ward and, aside from the technician, I’ll be the only one awake in 15 minutes. I also noticed that I have a bathroom right next to my room. Score!

EDIT 6: It’s now after 9:30pm. The night staff have come in and are doing their thing. My butt is numb and my legs are sore from this bed. I am also exhausted.

EDIT 7: I slept like complete balls but according to the technician, we got good data. Manthing was a legend and picked me up at 7 am and was awesome despite the horrible traffic. I’m back at home, just had a nice hit shower and washed out all the ‘caulking’ they use to hold the electrodes on my scalp. Image wet chalk paste mixed with glue and you’re pretty close. I now wait 3 weeks to get my results back and, now that this saga is finally over, I’m getting some ACTUAL sleep!

Catch you all later!


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