[Comic] Another cat

Oh god they’ve changed the editor again. Why again? I’ve only just gotten over my separation anxiety over the last change. But seriously. I have to learn this all over again :/

So, I’ve been doing some work on my end. The flare seems to have broken, I found out I likely have arthritis in my knees at 26 and I’ve been drawing more shit.


MeowthaIt seems to be keeping me sane thus far. Or at least some variant thereof.

Manthing keeps yelling at me to blog more, but a lot of the stuff that’s been going through my head has all been pretty morose and upsetting and that wasn’t what I wanted this blog to be about. So I’m presently chewing my lip over what I want to and don’t want to share. And drawing more nonsense.


2 thoughts on “[Comic] Another cat

  1. You should share whatever you want to share, Abi. This is your personal space so you get to call the shots. Love the cat by the way. It’s kind of eerie because this echoes a panel in the strip that I posted today! If I didn’t know any better I’d think we were psychically linked or something! 😛

    • I know, but I often go and read over my old posts and realised that, while doing a lot of venting is cathartic for me, I find that looking at it from more than the “this is shit and life sucks” helps a lot more than just endlessly bitching about it all.

      Also, I was thinking the exact same thing last night. I had blogged the cat picture on a whim and it wasn’t until a little while after that I saw the notice that you had posted a new comic and then had to explain to the manthing at 1am why I was giggling like a loon. Perfectly timed, in my opinion!

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