[Journal] Well, that was unexpected

So, I’m writing this entry from a hospital bed in the Short Stay Emergency Unit. I’m hooked up to an IV drip, on leads and the whole shebang. The last 24 hours have been interesting to say the least.

The blog has been a bit quiet since I went on holidays. I had a lot less time than I thought I would, same goes with energy. Suffice to say that suspected I picked up a bug while out of town, made the trip back just in time for me to start showing symptoms and then the game was on. Night 1 was intense 9.5 on the pain scale (superstition says I should never call a 10 because my body WILL challenge me on it) and the only thing that offered any relief wad Endone. I had a fever, a nasty cough, a sore throat, etc. I was clearly sick. I looked after myself the way i would normally do while I’ll and didn’t think much of it.

The following morning, after a mostly restless night, I got up to have a shower to ease the pain. While in shower, I started getting heart palpitations.  They are my body’s way of saying “what the hell are you doing, go to bed and rest!” and so I did. But they didn’t stop. I got manthing to drive me to hospital and they continued for a good hour and a half after I arrived. This is abnormal for me since, when I normally get palpitations,  I get maybe one a day. Just a single one. Not like this.

They strap me up, dress me down, stick leads all over me, ECG me, take swabs from my throat and sinus (the nurse clearly wasn’t expecting me to ask if he was buying me dinner first) and went from sitting in the waiting area to being in a room full of people in about 5 seconds flat. We learned it was/is a sinus tachycardia,  so my heart is beating both abnormal and too fast, though the good thing is that it’s not because there is something wrong with my heart. It’s getting stimulus from the rest of my body losing its collective shit over this bug.

Got put on an IV drip for fluids, put in short stay and told to wait until my bloods came back. Got a massive pain  flare. 9.5 again. Heart rate was still up way too high. Got told to stay overnight. Manthing stayed with me. A bag of antibiotics,  chest x – ray and all the fun stuff later, still running a fever and all the rest. Had quite a rough night. Nobody could tell me why this was happening, though.

Woke up this morning, got more bloods done. My CRP levels had gone up my 100 points overnight. Immediately told I’m staying another night since my BPM is still up around 100 and they want it closer to 60. Infectious diseases is now on my case and  they have many different kinds of body fluids from me to play with. The latest suspicion is a form of atypical Pneumonia, so another bag of antibiotics, still treating the fever and generally lying in bed and trying to sleep as much as I can. I was hoping to go home today,  so I’m rather disappointed about that, but at least I’m in the right place right now.

Will keep the blog updated if anything else ‘interesting’ happens.


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