Happyy Blogaversary to me!

Firstly, I’d like to announce that According to Abigail has been active for two years as of yesterday 🙂 It’s a pretty spectacular landmark for me, especially considering some mornings I can’t even put my pants on the right way. Thank you to each and every one of you for following or getting involved with my blog over the last 24 months. It means a hell of a lot to me. You guys have been my strength and support on my shitty days and the reason I laugh on my good ones.

I hope that the next 12 months will allow me to bring you more comics, more interesting insults and a lot more Abi.

Speaking of, some of you may be wondering why I’ve been quiet lately. Truth is, I haven’t been well. Today I had to put out an announcement to friends of mine after the issues came to a head.

Consider this a PSA. The reason I ask people to be so god damn careful about sickness around me is this:

At [my last big event], I was given a case of tonsillitis from someone I knew. I was exceedingly unimpressed. It sucked, but wasn’t overly nasty. I considered myself fairly lucky. After a week of shit, I thought I had mostly recovered, but my sinuses played up again. And again. And again. Now a month on, after fighting off the same sinus infection, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t breathe and wake up gasping at night. My sinuses are nothing but blood and mucus. It’s now considered ‘chronic’ by my GP with the rest of my health issues and I’m on some seriously hardcore antibiotics to try and kick it. Continuous round one and two over the next 10 days. If nothing has been resolved by next Thursday, we go in for round three.

This is not fun. This is not a game. My physical health depends on the vigilance of those around me. I go to GREAT pains to avoid bugs, including sacrificing my in-person social life when I’m in a high-risk period. There’s a reason I ask my friends to get the flu shot. There is a reason I ask you to stay the hell away from me when you’re sick and infectious. There is a very good reason I rarely share food or drink with anyone aside from Kieran. It’s not just because I’m a rampant bitch, or at least that’s not the only reason. My immune system sucks. I’m vulnerable to shit that a healthy body would laugh at. If I end up getting the common cold, I’m in bed for a week in complete agony. Getting sick for me involves so much more than just having a cough or a sore throat. It physically pushes my body and immune system to it’s limits. It’s negligence of the most basic rules of being sick that can land me in hospital.

Don’t be that guy/girl, or I WILL slap the everloving shit out of you when I recover.

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how someone can be aware of the fact that I am a chronic illness kitty, but still so completely mind-numbingly dense to the necessary precautions to take. Hell, not just around me, but when you’re sick with something as virulent as tonsillitis.

So, long story short, I’m not sleeping well, I feel like shit and I’m constantly run down due to the fact that my already stressed body is having to fight this shit off all over again. Because of the physical stress, I’m likewise in a pain flare and having all sorts of fun. Until I start feeling a bit better, I might just lie low a little while longer and love on you all extra hard when I get back ❤

Keep being awesome!


2 thoughts on “Happyy Blogaversary to me!

  1. Firstly, congrats on TWO years! Very very cool! A huge round of applause for you, Abi! 😀
    Secondly and lastly, I’m completely with you on people staying the everlovin’ fuck away while you’re sick. I have to be careful about getting a cold because it can really affect my asthma quite badly, so I’m always paranoid whenever winter rolls around.

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m only here because I have such wonderfully bad influences in people like yourself.

      And yeah, I imagine you’re in much the same boat as I. The thing is, I thought something like that was a complete no-brainer and that I didn’t need to spell it out. For the vast majority of people that know me, they’re very much aware of what I need from them in regards to staying healthy, but there’s always that select few that can’t seem to understand. For people like you and I, getting sick can sometimes mean hospital.

      It’s times like this when I wish it was legal to beat the stupid out of people :p

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