[Reblog] I’m fed up of having to perform my disability

This is an issue that weighs in heavily for me. For a lot of people. Not just those with a physical illness, but also those with a mental one, too.

The article basically outlines how hard it can be (and the public idea of) living with something that isn’t visibly impacting, entirely disabling or a condition that is constantly in a state of flux, and how your entire identity as someone with a disability can come down to how people judge you based on physical appearances

I’m fed up of having to perform my disability.

I highly suggest you all go and have a read. If nothing else, it’s a very well written piece.


One thought on “[Reblog] I’m fed up of having to perform my disability

  1. Brilliant article. I feel this way with my deafness. Because I speak fairly clearly for a deaf person, most people treat me like I’m not really deaf. The number of jobs I’ve had where they’ve insisted that I interact with people on phones or the public at large only to end up wondering why I’m struggling to hear things properly is nuts. People think that because you have a hearing aid that you somehow miraculously hear perfectly. And then they get frustrated when you keep asking them to repeat themselves, like you’re playing a trick on them. Gah!

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