[Journal] Ow…

So, I’ll be honest. I’m not handling tonight. Dressing change on the toe today sucked. Kicking it sucked. It’s now 1am and I can sleep because of wild an horrible pain. That also sucks. I had an Endone, the stuff I only use on super crazy pain level special occasions, and I feel horrible and woozy but the pain has only eased up a little. I’m at my wits end with how I’m going to manage. I’m sleep deprived yet in too much pain to sleep. It wouldn’t be so bad it there weren’t sharp pangs thst shoot through my toe like someone is hacking at it with a bone saw.

I have comics to upload but trying to get anything done right now is like wearing a hat full of arse holes and expecting it not to smell. That makes sense in my head.

Also. Fuck crappy AI. God damn Wrex is glitched into a bloody rock. Real helpful, you meat head. Top effort.


5 thoughts on “[Journal] Ow…

    • I’m not allowed to get it even slightly damp at ths point or else I’d be doing that in a heartbeat. More specifically, some ice water to take down the temperature of the toe. I could fry an egg on it!

      And yet 🙂 Well spotted! I’ve been doing a bit of gaming in the mean time to try and distract myself. Last night it was Mass Effect and Wrex got himself stuck in terrain in the middle of combat and became a non-entitiy. Had to restart the whole level to get him back.

    • Not overly. I managed to snag some sleep some time after 6 am and woke up recently (roughly 12:30pm) so it’s a lot better than what I got the night before, but we’re already in pain mode within 30 seconds of being up.

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