[Journal] Sodding dicknipples


Well, I’m going to be off my feet for a few days. An ongoing ingrown toenail issue came to a head today where, after five separate procedures to only remove part of the nail, we finally removed the whole sodding thing today.

I’m not in a very good way, so I’ll keep it short. Pain. So much fucking pain. Two full needles of anesthetic, a tourniquet and some kind of black magic fuckery later and I couldn’t feel a thing. We got the nail out relatively fuss free and I got bandaged and sent home with some antibiotics.

Halfway home (a 15 minute trip) I started getting throbs. By the time we had gotten home, half the anesthetic had worn off. Elevated that bitch, iced it, took painkillers. Played a game as a distraction, did the breathing exercises and the whole shebang. Nope. Body pulled a massive “FUCK YOU!” and I ended back in the surgery in screaming pain. Literally the worst pain I’ve ever been in. I’m normally pretty tanky. I don’t cry with fibro pain. I didn’t even flinch with the injections. But this was an entirely new level of ow. It was like Satan himself had inserted my toe into his firey asshole after a curry dinner.

They unwillingly gave me more injections, sent me home with some Tramadol and an anti inflammatory. Made it halfway home again before the pain set in. Went to bed. Got up an hour later. Now sitting in front of the xbox playing Halo with Manthing and a friend as a distraction with a throbbing toe. Oddly enough, the neighboring toe and injection sites hurt more right now than the nail bed. Anyway. Back to halo.


6 thoughts on “[Journal] Sodding dicknipples

  1. I can sympathise. When I was at school I had one big toenail removed and the nail bed destroyed (with acid). The moment that was done the other one started up and had to be removed a few months later. Total agony for weeks.
    When I had the second one done it started throbbing in the car park outside (and that was after 3, maybe 4 anaesthetic injections).

    • Yeah, it’s pretty brutal. You get major hugs for having to get this done twice. Thankfully I’ve only had issues with one toe and not the other. The bit that really upsets me is that this is all after one pedicure I had done two years back where she cut the nails way to close to the edge.

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