[Comic] A patchwork Abigail



And we’re still with the photos rather than the scans. My apologies for that. I’ll get there.



5 thoughts on “[Comic] A patchwork Abigail

    • Alas, there isn’t enough in a packet to run with them like the comic. You’re only supposed to use two at a time, so I’ve been using them like that. Honestly, they’re about as effective as using Deep Heat or Tiger Balm – that is to say, they /can/ help, but not much.

    • I’ll be entirely candid here. The dead giveaway of a bad day is an unfinished comic with bad handwriting. This one kind of just got scrawled out as soon as possible because I wasn’t certain how long I could hold the pen. I utterly adore having your support here, though. Honest, it’s the understanding that makes me keep writing here because I feel like I’m making some kind of difference by sharing this whacky part of me.

      • You are making a difference, of that I can assure you. You do have a natural talent for cartooning, and such I look forward to seeing more as and when you can manage it. 😀

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