[Comic and journal] For those that play at home + bonus baby bird!

Your very own game of bingo!

Your very own game of bingo!

While unpacking and sorting all the bits and bobs in the new house, I came across a comic that I had drawn shortly before we left the old house. It sums up my feelings on that place pretty well, actually.

Though we’ve only been here a week (and most of that has been spent out of the house, sleeping or unpacking) I’m already so much more relaxed than I was at our old place. No more paint dust and allergies, no more noisy, nosey neighbours, no more worrying about kids getting run over in the driveway and no more living in other people’s yards. The place here is much older than our last place, but this is a standalone house with a backyard.

Nugget :3

Nugget :3


Speaking of backyards, here’s a bonus picture of Nugget, our little baby house sparrow. When we moved in to our new home, I heard a scratching, cheeping party up in our gutters. With the help of a friend, we discovered the nest of a pair of house sparrows and their three babies. Given that the bubs were fully feathered (roughly 10-14 days old) and it was a 40’c day here, the hot gutters were no place for them, especially given the way the nest would be washed into our drain and cause all sorts of issues. So, we upset mum and dad sparrow and shifted the nest. One of the babies was old enough to go “Shitshitshit!” all the way into a nearby tree to where the parents were grumping. The other two were too dehydrated to do much, so I took them in and watered them and kept them overnight.

I should clarify here that ‘watering the sparrow’ is not a euphemism, nor does it involve a watering can.

The second eldest was released the following day and gave me a distasteful chirp before joining hi family in the same tree. Nugget, the youngest could barely manage a belly flop, let alone get lift. Thus began my brief stint as the Bird Mother.

Nugget stayed with us for seven days. Every morning I’d put her out on the back lawn along with a shallow dish of water and some seed mix to encourage her family to feed and teach her how to eat. Every night she’d come back inside, get watered a little (for the first few nights) and fed and put to bed. As someone who’s spent a considerable amount of time raising wild birds and releasing them, adopting strays and doing the odd ’emergency’ call for friends and family, Nugget soon realised that I wasn’t going to put her in my mouth and nom on the little fluffball.

I also need to mention that just now, while writing this, I was attacked by the world’s biggest click bug. Seriously. That bitch was huge.

Yesterday Nugget managed to increase her bellyflop-to-getofftheground ratio enough to make it to the same tree along with the rest of her family, where her siblings promptly boffed her on the head to establish pecking order and then they all came back down to eat some more. When we get a bit more settled, I’ll be putting a nesting box out on a pole in the backyard (under the tree) so the little buggers can stay the hell out of my gutters while still being the adorable little featherballs I love.

In the meantime, the weather here has been pretty brutal. Storms and rain almost every afternoon have been flipping the bird to my body the whole time, which has made unpacking a long and painful process. I’ve resigned myself to a roster of lying in bed and being miserable, wandering about on errands while waiting for painkillers to kick in and then unpacking in a haze of lethargy, painkiller dopiness and general grumpiness, and not always in that order.

On the plus side, because of how exhausted I’ve been lately, I’ve actually been sleeping through the night, which is a miracle in and of itself. I also have another comic for tomorrow (or when I upload it) of my amazing, brilliant, not-so-good costuming fun time :3

In the meantime, there is sleep to be had what with it being 1:50am. Yup. I’m that much of a badass.



4 thoughts on “[Comic and journal] For those that play at home + bonus baby bird!

  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to move somewhere a bit quieter and more relaxing. I did that in February and the silence is amazing!
    Good for you for rescuing Nugget and family.

    • Thank you, lovely. Honestly, it’s been an utter uphill crapfight to get this far, but now that we’re here, the drop in stress is incredible. I’m hoping that, after unpacking and settling in, I can start getting health stuff under control again and be a little more human.

      I’m also very pleased that Nugget managed to rejoin her family. We were a little worried that, being the ‘runt’, so to speak, she’d have issues flying at all and she’d become a bit of a house pet. She certainly took her time, though!

  2. Nugget is SO FREAKIN’ KEWT! Must be the best feeling in the world to do what you just did for such a tiny little creature, even while being doped up on painkillers. I’m glad you guys managed to find a much more suitable place to live too. Not easy in today’s rental market.

    • I’m taking a great deal of delight in hearing Nugget and her family carry on in the back yard and sit on my front porch railing of a morning. Hopefully she and her family hang around in the area 🙂

      We were very lucky with the house, honestly. A friend had parents that work in real estate and we were lucky enough to be shown a place that had just gone on the market. They put through the applications and now here we are.

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