[Journal] Thoughts on employment

My toe is healing really well. Thankfully I finished the course of antibiotics this morning so I’m feeling less violently ill and can hold down mostly solid food. It seems I’m now dealing with a hiccup in fatigue and spent most of today In bed save for the few hours I got to see my non – biological older sister 🙂 actually the daughter of my godmother, but that whole side has been more family to me over the years than my real one. I don’t get to see them terribly often, but God help me if I don’t love them. I’m hoping the fatigue doesn’t last too long, or at least long enough so that I can sleep through the rest of the withdrawal shit. Week two of that now. I apologise for being really sporadic at answering comments and not reading journals at the moment. You can kind of understand why.

Tonight I was given a bit of an interesting opportunity. I won’t lie. Between the bits I can squirrel away and save and the disability pension I get, funds are pretty tight here. It took me three years of saving to be able to put the deposit on the embroidery machine I get to pick up in a week. Bit of a diversion from the post, but I am SO fricken excited about it. I mean. I haven’t been this excited since I realized what David Bowie ‘s odd crotch bulge was. But back to the story.
To keep things simple, there’s an opportunity for me to become a cocktail waitress at the tune of $60 an hour, minimum 2 hour hire. Likewise a bikini waitress for $80 an hour, same 2 hour hire rule. The agency also hires topless, nude and burlesque girls (burlesque being in addition to your standard stripper) but none of those interest me. I’m way too body conscious.

For someone realistically struggling in the finance department, a 2 hour shift would put food on the table for a fortnight. The environment is safe, the rules are clear and the agency has a good reputation. The only thing I’m struggling with a little is what people would think of me for doing it. The cocktail and bikini wait staffing is realistically like doing what one would do at a party or the beach, only with a tray or food or drinks,  and being paid to dress that way. Or at least that’s the way I’m seeing it. The cocktail outfits are no more revealing than what most people wear on the street these days and I see no shame in the bikini waitress in for an extra 20 an hour, but I still have that… I don’t know. The thought that I will be judged poorly for this and that somehow something as mundane as this would bite me in the bum. I’m really just on both sides of the fence with this one.

In all fairness, even if I wasn’t financially ballsed, I would still likely take the work due to how well it pays anyway, so while that’s a motivating factor, it’s not the deciding one.

I also want to note that manthing suggested the agency since I’ve mentioned to him.in the past that I would like to try this at least once. He’s 110% supportive of me, whatever my decision.

I guess, more than anything, I want to hear some opinions other than my own on this one. What would you think of a girl as a cocktail or bikini waitress? What would you do if you were given the opportunity?


One thought on “[Journal] Thoughts on employment

  1. I will give you my opinion with the warning that I tend to be somewhat unconventional.

    You’re worried what some people might think. Let’s be honest: most of your critics would be women, a fact I find deplorable. People who want to shame you with false morality because they either don’t have the guts, the youth, or the assets required to obtain this type of lucrative employment aren’t worth listening to.

    If people are stupid enough to pay for the opportunity to look at a girl in bikini, then I think said girl should wear her bikini, take the money, and not feel the slightest bit worried what anyone thinks of it.

    You say it’s a safe environment with strict rules. You say the agency has a good reputation. You say you want to do this at least once in your life. Do it. Enjoy yourself. Have fun! Make money.

    Now, if someone asked *me* to do this I’d assume it was some type of weird fetish club. I am a 44 year old woman with more than a few white hairs and stretch marks on my boobs from nursing two children. I’d probably run shrieking in the other direction. 😀

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