[Journal] Time out

Today is a bed day.

I’m exhausted and sore in places I didn’t think I owned. It’s been a bug week and it’s only Thursday. I’m over it. I’ve been up twice already to take painkillers and it’s only 10 am.

My tendinitis is playing up like a bitch, and being in my right shoulder, it makes everything a chore. Needing to think before you move just adds another level of complexity to something a tired brain can’t quite process.

All my joints ache. From my hips through to my wrists, my back and for some reason the muscles at the front of my neck and my inner thighs hurt. I may have been part of a rodeo in my sleep or sleep – me had a lot of fun and decided awake – me didn’t need to be present. Bitch.

Had to go to the doctors yesterday. This asshole doctor really fucked up. I had to get an ingrown toenail removed so he cut the skin at the back of my nail open enough for me to require a stitch,  but didn’t actually remove the nail bed. Which, I might add, is the entire reason one would actually make an incision there. So what I though might have been a scab is one god almighty jagged shit of a nail shard that’s still attached. I found this out the hard way by getting it caught on my bedsheets the other night and nearly ripping the healing incision clean open again. To say I’m unimpressed is an understatement. Or maybe I’m actually impressed at how much of a flaccid dick mole this guy is. I haven’t decided yet.

Anyway, I’m now booked in this coming Monday to have the entire god damn procedure done again. Yup. The whole shebang redone because of Captain smeg head. Thankfully this time it’s with a much better doctor that worked closely with my old GP so he actually listened to him when I explained my pain issues. Still, I get the nail out on both sides and get left with a little spit of nail in the middle to help the rest eventually regrow so someone is going to be less than happy for a while.

Anyway. I’m in bed manthing is making strange grumbling noises at me. I assume that means he either wants to move further south to catch to salmon spawn, or that he wants to snuggle. I’ll keep updating when I have the energy. Until then, keep smiling ❤


3 thoughts on “[Journal] Time out

  1. Aw, sweetie. I feel ya. I’ve been thinking of you and feeling badly for not popping in more often. I got through one flare just to have another kick me in the ass–HARD. Every joint in my body, including every finger joint. I ended up in bed for two days straight. Trying to take it easy today, but I can feel the fog creeping in.

    That business with your nail SUCKS. What a choad that doctor is! I’m glad you’re seeing a better one. I’ve lost my big toenail due to injury twice. Fucker turned black and *pop* off it came. blech.

    Anyway, I wanted you to know I can commiserate, and that you are in my thoughts. I’m sending positive vibes your way, sweets. ❤

    • You’re always the most wonderful, AZ. Don’t feel bad at all. Remember that blogging is a hobby, not a job and that we all know the trials and travails that fibro throws around ❤ It seems to be the time for everything to play up at once. I sincerely hope you manage to kick butt back (tell your flare you'll poop on its hood ornament!) or at least get things to a manageable state.

      I told manthing I wanted to keep the toenail in a jar and name it. He wasn't as keen on the idea as I was :p

      Honestly, getting messages from you makes my day 🙂 it really does. Fingers and toes crossed that we both get some decent downtime soon that doesn't involve a full – scale body rebellion ❤

      • Poop on its hood ornament… HA! That’ll learn that stupid flare! (I actually spelled it right this time!) You make me smile. 🙂

        Out of curiosity, what would you name the toenail? For some reason, “Hubert” sprang to mind. Weird, huh?

        We’re going to get through this, Abi, I know we are. In the meantime, we’ll keep each other company and fart in fibro’s general di-rection. 🙂 ❤

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