That moment when you find yourself sitting on the toilet and wiping, but can’t remember if you actually peed, or whether you need to….

It’s miserable and wet here today and my body is grumbling because of it. On the plus side, I’m now sleeping for twelve or more hours a day whether I like it or not (thanks, Lyrica!) so I’m using the time I spend awake wisely. Like this morning, I’ve been awake since 7am on a Sunday and I’m making a quiche for lunch :3


6 thoughts on “#JustFibroThings

  1. I love quiche, I bought a home-made one from the village market yesterday!
    Funnily enough, it’s currently five to seven (am) Sunday where I am 🙂 Pretty miserable and wet here too (but here it’s supposedly mid-summer!).

    • I always find it awesome the way timezones work, honestly. I guess it’s true when they say that it’s always beer-o’clock somewhere.

      What was in the quiche? The one I made today was a bit experimental with kale and spinach. It was pretty decent, actually. Manthing hates veggies and ate a slice, so I count that as a win!

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