[Journal] Grumble

Just a quick one. I don’t have the patience to write up much more.

Stuff is busy here. Had an ingrown toenail cut out by an asshole doctor who refused to listen to my pleas he uses more anesthetic (because nerve conditions, bitches!) so that involved several trips to and from the doctors, being ready to hurl abuse at said asshole doctor and bite him where he stood, Endone not working.

Landlord wants to organise open homes here. I’ve got the shits with the idea. I wanted to be out of here by now. I hate the invasion of privacy here.

I have psoriasis in a place that no man or woman should. Yes, you’re probably spot on the money with that one. Oh god, why?

We finally got our new bed and mattress, but it means having to settle in to new feelings while sleeping which is a pain in the arse.

The Lyrica is still kicking me three ways until next Tuesday and I’m averaging about 12 hours sleep a day, minimum. Not all at the same time, too.

I’ve had ideas for posts and comics and whatnot but simply have neither the energy nor the motivation to draw them up.

Still very much appreciating people dropping by and leaving comments. Gives me that little moment of happy between snoring and drooling on myself, swearing and trying not to kick my toe (I get the stitches out tomorrow) and generally being shitty with the world.


18 thoughts on “[Journal] Grumble

  1. Also, I like the image of you trying to bite your doctor, but I don’t like that he made you feel that way. So… do I click the star or not?

    Oh, don’t let’s be silly! Of course we click the star –if only to show that I love you. ❀

    • He’s just one of those jerks that thinks he’s seen everything and every patient he sees is incapable of actually noticing their own body. Aside from being a misogynistic jerk, all his colleagues hate him, so I’ll rest assured that he’s a giant smelly bum head that nobody likes, and I’m awesome πŸ˜›

    • I have the best mental image right now, I’ll have you know. Think Sully from Monsters Inc, but toe-sized and attached to one’s foot. This now makes the 4th time I’ve had this one cut out. Next time I might ask them to just take the entire toe πŸ˜›

  2. I can commiserate on the psoriasis. I don’t have psoriasis, but I do have occasional bouts with urticaria. I have itched in places that no one wants to think about. And then, to get to a doctor, you have to go out in public with all those inappropriately itchy areas. It ain’t right, I tell you!

    • Yeah, there’s no easy way around it. I can just imagine.

      I’ve got to go and get the stitches out in my toe today, so I see this visit going down something like this:

      *doctor calls me up*
      “Hi, Abigail, shall we go to the trea..”
      “Actually, doc. I know I’m only seeing you to get these stitches out, but I need you to look at something for me and recommend a cream.”
      “Uh. Okay?” *nervous laughter*
      *scene moves to the doctor’s office*
      “So yeah, normally I buy people dinner first before I do this, but…”
      *abigail drops pants*
      “OHGODWHY?!” *doctor recoils in abject horror*

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