[Journal] A response to “rapey dungeon masters”

This article is something that I came across on my Facebook news feed.

I have not been more enraged or disgusted by an article in quite some time. You have a problem with your GM and what’s being done in the game? FUCKING SAY SOMETHING! You change your group. You establish your boundaries and make it perfectly clear that you are NOT okay with this. It is up to YOU to say something about this, not assume that everyone knows this makes you uncomfortable and just sit there and suffer in silence. Nobody is ever forced to play a fucking GAME. You do it for fun. If it’s not fun, you put your big boy/girl pants on and tell the culprit to fuck off.

As someone who has played in a sexualised campaign, this disgusts me. Nothing has ever happened in our campaigns without equal lashings of consent or known consequences. Not all GMs are the same, but it’s up to the players to moderate these things a much as the person running the god damn game.

The idea that the rape of a character is equal to the rape of your actual person makes me physically ill. I have come across this issue in the past with my present group and, as someone who has been a victim of rape twice in my life, the idea that they are on par makes me want to throat punch a nun. They are NOT the same and anyone that thinks that what happens to a fictional character is somehow on par with real life is bullshit. Where are the arms being thrown up at rape or sexual harassment in novels? These are characters that people relate to greatly. How is this any different to something you watch on TV? Are you not also invested in those people to a degree? Sure, you make the character, you may play with the character as a reflection of self, but at the end of the day the entire thing is a game and if you have issues separating fact and fiction, there’s a far deeper issue at hand and you need to take a step back and reevaluate things.

If you have an issue with some guy being a creepy fucking perv, you take it up with him in person, you get yourself out of that situation one way or another. The comments alone on this article echo my feelings. Now if you pardon me, I’m going to be sick.


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