[Journal] All in a day’s work

I keep joking yo my housemates that my least likely cause of death is by mediocrity. Today is a very good example for that exact proof.

I always seem to surprise my doctors. Went in today to chase some scripts I’m short on while sussing out a new GP since mine seems to have eloped (no, I’m not actually kidding) and I’ve come out with the scripts, the knowledge that I’m one of those lucky people that suffers the ‘rare’ class of side effects of a medication, a referral for an allergy test and a note for an xray of my left little toe.

The funny thing about having fibro and CFS is that pain isn’t a foreign thing to you so when something else starts hurting for no good reason, most of the time you shrug it off as another symptom. The doctor suspects I may have fractured my little toe, but the interesting thing is that I have zero memory of bumping it or hurting it at all. The fact that it’s been swollen for the last two weeks made me bring it up, but I’ve had stranger things happen. Anyway, since starting this entry I’ve had the xray and I now get to see if I get a call about it being all broken and wonky or not (since I am NOT sticking around for hours for a result) or whether it’s just another strange fibro thing.

As for the rare side effects, I am pleased to announce that the breast cancer scare I had can be (at this point) chalked down to Duloxetine playing hide and go fuck yourself with my endocrine system. Apparently being on it triggers my right breast to weep like the Virgin Madonna,  only with tears of milky sadness. Creepy milky sadness. And only the right one. What the fuck, body? What the hell are you doing? Anyway, I see the specialist that put me on this mamory-molesting medication next week so I can talk to him about lowering the dose or getting off it entirely. Ironically it was the medication they put me on to try and help control my flares, so it looks like we’re going to have a few rough weeks ahead.

And the allergies?  I had a bitch of a sinus infection a few weeks back. Got over it in due time but since then I have had sinus allergies to every known substance in existence. My nose has been waging a violent and ugly war that has reduced me to taking things to ground zero with a crudely thrust finger sent to try and pry the enemy from within and using up almost all the tissues in the house trying to remove the offending allergens. Alas, no luck. So I get to pop back in over the next day or two and be forced into a histamine hiss fit to see what the triggers are.

Well, manthing is presently driving me home and I need to find out if we have been accepted the rental house we applied for. God I love being able to blog via mobile.


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