On a scale of 1 to 10, today is pretty much on par with accidentally pushing too hard on a fart and soiling yourself in a crowded  elevator.  Had a really bad depressive incident last night that saw me up at 3am going hell-for-leather on the stationary bike to try and work out the anger and the frustration, but it caught up with me in the morning and I woke to incredible pain in my lower bits and pieces. Bath, painkillers, back to bed. Woken up again at midday with the same issue. Can’t move without assistance, on Endone for pain (which is barely helping) and generally feeling miserable.

I’m stuck between trying to sleep this off (which probably won’t happen until I hit the down from the painkillers and don’t have a choice) or sitting here and trying to talk to anyone who will respond on Skype so I have some kind of distraction at the very least.

What’s green and eats nuts?

~ Syphilis


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