Crunch time

Note to self: You have a doctor’s appointment at 2:45pm today.

So, we’re the day before the day we leave before the day of the first day of the big event. Make sense of that.

I’m finally getting over the flu, though I’m still Queen Shit for Brains. I’ve worked like a madwoman through the last few days to produce beanies, collars, cuffs, jewellery, bits and piece and all sorts of crap, and I’m still not done. I still have so much work to do that it isn’t funny, and half my equipment is having major screw-ups (my brain included) so I’m taking a minute out of the chaos to blog about it. As you do.


Here’s a picture of some of the shinies I’ve bee working on. Yup. Decorative collars. Not the kinky kind. I don’t make those for this event. It tends to freak too many people out,  but I do make them, yes. I have  seriously not had enough sleep to deal with today.



4 thoughts on “Crunch time

      • I laughed harder than I should have at your first comment. I’ll show you when I get back (well, add a few days for recovery). I’m in the process of getting my stuff sorted for packing, then I’m talking the next half a day off to play some vidya games or something ;3

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