NO rest for the wicked

Today is a work day. Wend back to the doctors yesterday and confirmed I do, in fact, have the nasty flu that’s going around. Fortunately I got my flu shot a few weeks ago so it’s not as horrible as it could be, but I’m still feeling like the underside of an Elephant’s ballsack in monsoon season. Fun fact: Elephant’s don’t actually have external gonads. Their testicles are actually located up near their kidneys.

Yesterday I employed the help of Manthing and my younger brother (non-biological, but my own chosen family) and we collectively cut about 300+ pattern pieces out. I started on the sewing last night and got about 30 more pieces sewn together and I have to get the rest done this week so I can spend next week prepping more jewellery for my big market event.

My whole body aches and I haven’t slept properly in days. I have the shittiest sinus headache and it feels like I have a head full of sand and spaff right now. Can’t think straight, my ears are blocked and I’ve well and truly lost my voice. I suppose the boys are pleased about this last part. However, this just means I get to throw things at them now to get their attention, rather than yelling.


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