“The misery state”

First image post from my phone. Not the same as my usual comics, but it will have to do.

Really awfully sick at the moment. Though we managed to go to the Easter Show on Friday (which was amazing, but for another post) I can’t imagine being caught out in the rain or being around that many people was good for me, because three days later, I’m stuck in bed and wheezing through sinus, chest and ear gunk and dealing in the worst pain flare I’ve ever had.

Last night I went from simply feeling under the weather to having a 9.5 on my pain scale. Why no 10? I refuse to tempt fate by calling anything a 10 because, as my luck goes, the moment I do is the moment my body tries to out do itself in that area. Suffice to say I spent last night sobbing like a bitch, needing help with everything and trying to simply be comatose. Even the Endone didn’t help last night.

Naturally this also comes in the two weeks before my big event, so I’m doing my best not to stress and fret over that, too.

Any hoo. I’m going to try and get some sleep and hope the sludge monster that’s taken up residence in my head sods off. I’m also behind on reading all your blogs, so I’ll play catch up when I feel less like Satan’s arse hole.


One thought on ““The misery state”

  1. Be good to you and to hell with reading blogs if you’re not up to it.

    Also, the comic looks great! I hope you’ve been able to have some fun playing with the new phone.

    I hope you are well soon. In the meantime, ::HUGS::


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