I want a blanket


So, I may be indespithe process of doing something I may well regret. Today is market day and, despite telling myself I wasn’t going to do any smaller markets until after my big event, I find myself in miserable, freezing weather with intermittent drizzle, chilly wind and hiding out under my marquee thinking of my bed. I’m almost ashamed at how chipper I was this morning. There was laughing and everything… ugh.

On the plus size, I’ve sold two items and covered either petrol or my market fees, and I have my phone, pen and paper to bring you more awful comics. I’m still here for another two hours or so (providing I don’t end up mauling anyone) and then we get the hour drive home, play reverse tetris and throw myself into the most disgustingly rose centered steaming hot bath imaginable. Oh god,  yes. That is my brain born for today. A hot bath. *air hump*


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