Right behind the angry gland

Right behind the angry gland


9 thoughts on “Right behind the angry gland

  1. Wow. You and I hurt in pretty much all the same places. I’m sorry, dear. I wish I could make it all go away. And, btw, I think you did a superb job on all those little curliques. 🙂

    • You’re wonderful, lovely ❤ I like to think that we're just made more awesome than the average person, and the pain is just the awesome trying to leak out.

      It annoyed me to no end that I managed to balls a few of them up, but it was also kind of a bit of 'zen' drawing at the same time. I'm really glad you enjoy my little comics. I finally have a few to post now, so I get to put up one a day 😀

      • YAY!

        If I had the funds I would *so* send you a drawing tablet so you could do them digitally. Then you would never have to worry and you could just enjoy the process as much as I enjoy the result. 🙂

      • Actually, as luck would have it, I’ve upgraded my phone so I now have the Samsung Note 3 (yay for not paying any more!) since my contact ended and my old phone was d-e-d. It has a drawing feature and a stylus so even if they’re little ones, I can still get something up and going if I’m stuck in the poo pit.

      • How’re you holding up on your end? I know flares can make me really irritable and just generally sucky to be around, but if you’ve got kids and have to go out, you have to really deal with a lot of that on a personal level. I feel for you, lovely!

      • ugh. I feel like a wrung out washcloth to tell you the truth. I’m SO TIRED and I just ache everywhere. I need to try and get it together, though. My daughter made the honor roll and today is the assembly, so I have to walk to her school, sit on a bleacher bench for an hour or so, then walk her home. I’m happy she made honor roll –she struggled a bit in the beginning– but how I wish the assembly was not today!

        Thanks for letting me vent. It helps now and again, How about you? I know it’s been rough lately. I send positive energy your way every day.

      • Thinking of you ❤ Those hard seats are unforgiving at the best of times. Can I ask you to give the sproglet a hug for me without sounding creepy? It's wonderful that she was able to make the roll. Massive congrats all round 😀

        I spent today being jerked around by doctors appointments to find out I'm not dead yet. I'm glad and yet, was so looking forward to adding "biting, more groaning and increased limp" to my list of symptoms 😉

      • Thank you, sweets. And I will happily give hugs on your behalf. She’s curious about this blogging thing, and I’ve been using it as an opportunity to talk about online safety. She wanted to know what you all call me. I told her: AZ Gringa. Then she wanted to know some of your names. I told her about you, that you draw comics and are super cool. 🙂

        ugh. I hate doctors. I really do. I’m trying to give this guy a chance, but… I don’t know. He’s the first to actually try his hand at DIAGNOSING me instead of telling me it’s in my head, so I want it to work out, but you know how it is.

        Stay strong, sistah! 🙂

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