Just another Monday

Just a quick post today, and a promise.

Could barely wake up this morning. Glad I have my own little failsafes like alarms that go off when I should leave and whatnot. Went to the psych (thank god I have a good one this time around), discussed some things. Came home. Went to bed. Lots of sleeps. About to do the sleep thing again after I shovel some food in my face hole.

I keep trying to link you all to this .gif below, but the computer is being a whore. You’ll just have to click on it.

Man, I feel awful. Kind of like one of those floaty pool toys you ride on, but with all the air let out. And less moist. I think. I’l have to get back to you on that one. I’m just going to stop now.


EDIT: God damn it. I even forgot shit I was going to type. Bitches. There will be at least one comic this week. I have them in the book and ready to go. I just need to not be passing out on the keyboard first ❤


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