I’m tapping out

Yup. Officially done with this week.

Massive pain flare, bursa in the shoulder has come back with a vengeance, anxiety triggers again, stress out and run around and now heart issues. Woke up this morning. Started getting heart palpitations and missing beats. Spent the last 5 hours in ER attached to all kinds of machines, had manthing race in from work and then a pain flare up because of the AC in the ward, only to be told everything looks fine and that I can go home.

Apparently something to do with my heart closing valves early, there not being enough blood in the chamber for a regular beat, so there’s a little one, and then there’s a glut of blood on the next pump which is the big beat I feel after a ‘missed’ one. According to the doctor, it’s pretty common in a roundabout way and nothing to worry too much about (despite feeling like I’m being punched in the chest) and it’s common for it to do what it did this morning. For those playing at home, I had 8 minutes of palpitations, 5 minute break, 8 minutes on again, 4 minute break, 6 minutes on, 5 minute break, etc. for 7 sets (while I was driving to hospital, yes I should have called an ambulance) and I got another set on the way home and am dealing with another set as I type this.

Seriously. What the actual fuck, body? What the hell are you doing? Anyone else get the feeling that they’re living in a bomb? I never know what this fleshbag is going to do next and it seriously kicks my arse. Anyhoo. Going to go and lie down now an hopefully feel better for tonight (I have a kinky party thing to go to if my body behaves). This sucks some serious donkey dick.

– Abi


3 thoughts on “I’m tapping out

    • ❤ Thank you, lovely. I was lucky enough for the shenanigans to stop in time for the party. Ended up going out for a little while, seeing some good people, making some inappropriate jokes and generally having fun. I do need to make a point of getting the number plate of the truck that keeps hitting me the day after, though this was rather self-imposed this time 😛

      • Oh! I’m so glad you got to go. Someone has to make the inappropriate jokes. As far as that truck goes, if you do get the plate number, kindly let me know. I think it’s the same jerk who keeps trying to run me over, too.

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