“Enter title here” or “blogging for dummies”

So, it’s 11:39pm and I can’t sleep. Too much random pain happening in my body right now for me to relax, too tired to properly focus.

I’ve spent the last week packing boxes and moving entire rooms in prep for the house move we’re going to do at the beginning of next month. Mostly looking forward to the fact that I get to have a bath when I’m sore and restless. To be honest, I just want the move to be over and done with already. I’m sick of the anticipation and waiting, even though it’s only been about a week and a half. I really don’t mind the idea of just spending a few days sleeping rather than forcing myself to get up and get stuff done.

Problem is, I’m one of these stupid people that can’t stay still. I find it very difficult to take time off from what I’m doing, even if my body or my brain needs it. I’m in the bad habit of always having to be gogogo until I crash, and even then it usually takes Manthing giving me a firm scolding for me to give in and just chill out for a little.

So, I admit, I overdid it today. By a fair margin. I woke up in pain, I knew I needed to take it easy but my motivation said otherwise and now it’s almost midnight, I’m serioulsy exhausted but in too much discomfort to sleep. That’s another problem. I’m used to pain now so anything that’s less than the level of “I’m seriously hurting, I should take something for this” (see anything between a 2 and a 4 on the pain scale) is just counted as discomfort. You know what also makes me uncomfortable? Taking painkillers. I hate the fishbowl head feeling of having wet sand for a brain. I hate the dizziness I get left with. I hate the fact that the brain and the rest of my body don’t want to communicate and I hate the way it wears off and the pain seeps back in. Anyway, I’m rambling.

I’ve been ordered to try and make a blog post a day – be it a comic, a written post or even a photo – just to try and document how I’m dealing with my pain levels and life in general, so here’s tonight’s post. Enjoy.

I’ll write something more witty tomorrow when I don’t feel like arse.


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