Chronic Fatigue help?

I need some help/advice/brains. I’ve been hit with literally the worst case of fatigue and exhaustion I’ve ever had to deal with. I can barely finish a sentence, spell check hates me and it’s a struggle to keep my eyes open. I had a fairly big Christmas and had three major pain flares before that. I know I probably should have taken it easier, but didn’t really have a choice. Christmas day I survived off two energy drinks, three cups of coffee and a nap and still completely crashed the moment I got home and it’s all been down hill from there. I’m normally a fairly light sleeper and am up at 9am every day without fail. Today I woke up at midday and couldn’t get out of bed. At 5pm my partner came home and woke me up again and I’m just about falling asleep on the keyboard while typing this.

I have both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, but I’ve never had the fatigue quite this bad. Generally I go through patches where I need to sleep more than usual, but right now this completely blows all of that out of the water. I feel like I could sleep for a month and then some. Is this normal? Do other people deal with this kind of entire exhaustion?

Is it just something I need to literally sleep off for a few days? Do I need to push through it and try to keep moving? I seriously have no experience in this at all and need some advice from those that have gone through this before.


5 thoughts on “Chronic Fatigue help?

  1. Hi there,
    I deal with both CFS & Fibromyalgia clients in my Cognitive Hypnotherapy practice. Whilst this type of fatigue can occur, if you’ve not had experience of it being this bad before, I would recommend you seek medical advice to rule out any other underlying cause.
    Cognitive Hypnotherapy can prove very beneficial for both CFS & Fibro, so if you can find someone local to you, I’d recommend checking it out.
    If not, (I assume you’re not local to Peterborough, UK, where I practice), then there are a couple of mp3 downloads I would recommend you try to help with the fatigue.
    These are the Mindfulness Meditation mp3 & the Deep Relaxation mp3. You can find them on my website. They are only 10 minutes long and designed to be listened to once a day for about 4 weeks for best effect.
    There is also a Relief from Chronic Pain Conditions mp3 which has proved helpful for clients with fibro. (Shaun Gibson, who has fibro & writes the very popular ‘Looking for Reason in a Complicated World’ blog did this post about it…: ).
    If you have any questions at all, I’d be happy to help
    Wishing you the best

  2. I wouldn’t push through it but I also wouldn’t sleep the entire time. I’m going through a similar phase at the moment and I’m trying to still get up and have meals and rest/nap in places that are not my bed during the day. I’m also trying to keep up my yoga to minimise the muscle pains which get worse when I’m inactive. Other than that rest and sleep when you feel you need to so your body can recover and try to avoid high level activities.
    I feel I should also add I’m not a specialist but this is what seems to work rk for me. If I try and just sleep it off my pain levels increase too much but if I push myself I just keep getting worse.

  3. Hi! I have CFS and Connective Tissue Disease and I am getting better after doing an elimination diet (starting with just water and adding foods back in one by one) and following the Eat To Live program by Dr Joel Fuhrman. He has his books on Amazon. You can also do a food sensitivity test through your PCP. Potatoes for one cause fibromyalgia flares with me. Gluten in bread is highly inflammatory and often is a trigger for CFS.

    I deal with fatigue so bad I was unable to work most of last year which is why I tried this a few times, it always worked but I felt better and gave it up because I love my food. Now a month in to following the program 100% without grains or legumes and I’m out of bed and up doing things again which is awesome.

    No matter what you try, I hope you feel better soon as it’s truly the worst ever.

  4. I suffer fatigue most days. I find artificial stimulants like caffeine make me crash harder and longer. I now avoid them completely.
    I can not offer much advise now you have pushed yourself too far. The only thing that gets me back on track once im in a big spell is listening to my body. Sleep when you need to and you will catch u eventually. That uselessness being said I find I can bounce back quicker and avoid fatigue episodes more often by forcing myself to exercise mid afternoon. The natural hormones make me skip my nap and have me push through til after dinner.

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