I survived the fat man’s wrath!

Well, it’s been a little while since I updated my blog. Since my last post I’ve passed the test for my full license, had a market stall (and actually did pretty well), managed to survive the Christmas Day fiasco with the family and seem to have made it through the silly season without a major hiding-under-the-covers depressive fit.

Mind you, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. I’ve had three massive pain flare ups. Yes, three. And just long enough between each for me to go “Oh, thank god, it’s over!” and make the mistake of doing something like a bit of cleaning or gardening only to have my body stage a violent rebellion.

Christmas day in itself was interesting. Had it been any other day of the year, I wouldn’t have gone. However, I refuse to be the reason Manthing doesn’t see his family on one of the few occasions we actually see everyone together, so I doped myself up on painkillers, kicked the drowsy with an energy drink and tanked on. I made it as far as the post-food coma before my body gave in well and truly and I needed to take a nap. I always feel really out of place doing it, like I’m somehow deliberately upsetting the atmosphere, but I barely made it up the stairs and to the bed before I passed out. I got woken up about half an hour later, got more coffee into me and headed off for the next family gathering. Seeing the family itself is something I enjoy immensely, regardless of health, however the trip there and back, the exhaustion and borderline delirium and the rest are all things I do not enjoy.

While on the topic of things I do enjoy, I would like to mention that my sister is a horrible person. She’s introduced myself and Manthing to these salt caramel chocolate things and they are amazing. I’m having a hard time trying to keep myself away from them.

Though, today may have just weighed up with my chocolate-caramel intake with manthing and myself having completed a crazy 3km walk through the city while I found out all the stores I needed to see were shut. Oh well. Next time?



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