And out the other side!

Yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog quite a lot in the last two weeks, but it’s all been for good reason. While coming off the Zoloft, my body decided to throw all kinds of bizarre shit my way, including violent nausea whenever I went near food, those whacky electric shocks, night terrors, restlessness, crazy sweating and panic attacks. I was moody as hell and would frequently have the urge to burst into tears for no good reason at all. This is why you NEVER mess about with antidepressants. If you’re on them, take them every day at the same time if you can. Don’t miss a dose. Don’t think they’re just candy to have whenever.  In the past, I knew someone that would just pop one whenever he felt upset, rather than taking them regularly, and would wonder why he felt so god damn awful. Silly people.


Well, on the upside, I have some good news to report. I actually got some sleep last night. First night of being on the new medication and nothing has changed. In fact, due to the weather changes, last night had me in sobbing pain so I ended up on both painkillers and taking my new pill (which is pretty scary looking!) which was something I was trying to avoid.


Point is, after about half an hour of alternating between lying as still as I could and squirming to try and get comfortable (I raised my Growlithe up about 5 levels in that time) I kind of just passed out. I don’t even think I dreamed last night. All I know is that I woke up this morning with Manthing giving me his usual kiss as he leaves for work and then I dropped out again.


This weekend I also have a last-minute market stall at what should be a fantastic little event. I’m really quite looking forward to being able to get out of the house, though I’m hoping that in 3 days (yes, it’s entirely unreasonable) that the nausea and the rest sods right off. Last thing I need is to be talking to a customer with “Oh yes, everything here is entirely hand maaaarrrgghghghbh!” when I end up puking on their shoes or something.

I’m hoping to get a comic up today, or at least some kind of work that proves I still have a pulse.


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