Getting into the swing of things

Well, tonight was certainly an experience. I used my beginner’s trapeze class voucher this evening – the one manthing got me for my birthday this year.

Having always wanted to run away with the circus as a child, I was thrilled to get there and see the set-up they had. We went through a basic intro video, some warm ups and then we got to the fun part. We each got a highly fashionable harness belt and wrote our names down in the order we were going to soil ourselves in.

The group watched as each victim went forward and took their leap of faith, having a bit of a laugh and surely running over the ‘it looks easy’ mantra in our heads. However the moment I got clipped into the ladder, I realised shit was about to get real, especially given that I wasn’t allowed to wear my glasses.

It’s funny. At the top of a three story ladder, I was less worried about the height and more about how the ladder was secured to the platform. I started getting a little nervous when I had to manoeuvre myself around a suspended platform less than a metre wide, around two other people – one of which was a middle aged woman surely suppressing the urge to hug the spotter for dear life.

She had her turn and I was clipped in. I grabbed the bar, I bent at the knees and I took my dicky little jump off the platform. I soared like a valiant brick through the sky. I screamed through the air. Literally screamed. Never before in my life have I been so conflicted by emotion. I wanted to let go out of fear. I didn’t want to because dear god, harness be damned, that bar was the only thing between me and falling. I wanted to cry. I couldn’t see what was happening and I was equally as embarrassed about screaming like she-hulk as I ‘gracefully’ threw myself towards the ground via an over glorified rope swing.

Rinse and repeat several times. We were trying to do a few tricks, but my body just decided that it had enough fun for the day and refused to let me touch my toes mid air. On the upside, I tucked and rolled like a champ and did a backflip on a dismount. Go figure.

So, right now I cam proudly say that I’m still alive and feel like a champ, though my hands are burning like Satan himself voided his firey bowels over them and the rest of me is demanding something in a foreign language. But I did it. I’m also presently uploading the videos to youtube and will add some photos of my incredible, breathtaking descent towards the great net below. Also, apparently I’m feisty according to the trainer.




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